Encounter This! is a show that aims to educate, entertain and inspire the tabletop gamer in everyone. The show has a focus on Dungeons and Dragons 5e for now, but in the future who knows!

Join James and Freeman as every other week they produce an episode on a specific creature where they get deep into the history, gaming and lore, as well as some interesting Homebrew ideas, listeners stories and lots more!
​Each show is started with what the hosts have lovingly dubbed "The Exposition" where they create a scenario as presented by a GM as a sneak peek into the creature of the week.

​We're so glad that you've found us, and are pumped that you've decided to join us on this insane journey through the monsters of D&D!

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Hey! Any questions, thoughts or concerns? Or maybe you just want to reach out to share ideas and stories of your time as a Role-player! Don't hesitate!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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